Industry Focus: Tourism

Weatherstem can help you capture the physical beauty of your site in a way no other program can.

Weatherstem's social media tools constantly stream useful weather data and beautiful pictures to your own personalized website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

You can also feed data and images to your own Facebook page, Twitter feed, or embed them into your own websites.

Tourism operators can also benefit from Weatherstem's real-time weather analysis tools so you know when it's safe to head out on that fishing expedition.

Weatherstem Tourism Features

  • Sunrise/sunset forecasts/updates
  • Daily "Sky Movies"
  • Live video feeds

Sunrise/sunset forecasts/updates

Your Weatherstem unit get its own Facebook and Twitter page and each morning and evening, sunrise and sunset photos are automatically posted to these sites for your visitors to enjoy.

Also, via our partnership with SunsetWx, each night we post sunrise/sunset vibrancy/color forecasts for the following day.

Daily "Sky Movies"

Each night at midnight, we take all the photos your Weatherstem cameras captured during the day and create a time lapse movie.

These movies are then automatically uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and can be accessed on your Weatherstem website as well.

They are exceptionally powerful tools at helping you chronicle a day in paradise at your resort/hotel.

Live video feeds

Your Weatherstem cameras can be configured to live stream so people will be able to enjoy the stunning physical beauty of your site in real-time.

There is a single private, secure connection made to your camera, then we handle the streaming to the Internet part.

If 10,000 people were connected to your live stream, that would still only represent one single connection being made to your camera from the outside world.