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Smart Weather Technology

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Our weather technology will keep your stakeholders
safe and your assets protected


Keep your citizens, stakeholders, and assets protected from dangerous weather conditions

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Integrate state-of-the-art weather monitoring into your athletics program at high school, college, or professional levels

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Highly customizable audible weather alarm with beacon

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An amazing new type of product: The Mesonet Management Platform

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Here are some of the many features you'll find in our products:

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature

Weatherstem sites track the most effective metric for assessing extreme heat. Learn more

Practical Lightning Assistant

Draw shapes on a map and get notified when lightning occurs within those shapes. Learn more

Radar and Satellite

Updated in close to real-time with futurecast capabilities. See example


Every datapoint and image a Weatherstem system collects is permanently archived and easily viewable. See example

Monitor the Tropics

Weatherstem shows you the latest tropical weather information relative to YOUR location

Awesome Animations

Every night Weatherstem cloud cameras create a time-lapse movie of the previous day. They're addicting!


Automate weather updates and bulletins to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more. See example

Easy Integration

The Weatherstem API makes it easy to integrate with virtually any third-party platform. Learn more


Operate independent of ground-based power and Internet. Case study