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WeatherSTEM Team

Ed Mansouri, CEO and Founder

Ed Mansouri is the architect behind WeatherSTEM.

Ed's mission for WeatherSTEM is to build an extraordinary weather information platform that ties together education, health and safety, athletics, and social media.

Ed had wanted to be a Meteorologist since the age of 6. He earned Bachelors degrees in both Meteorology and Engineering from Penn State University and a Masters degree in Meteorology from Florida State University.

Prior to launching WeatherSTEM in 2015, Ed ran a successful e-learning software company where he authored many successful software titles including the Educator Learning Management System as well as a patented content management platform called Octane.

Ed's passion for weather combined with his experience as a technology innovator makes him the perfect person to lead our company to great things.

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Ed appears on The Weather Channel's Weather Geeks Program

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Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel Narrates Video Featuring Ed

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Luke Hunnewell
Director of Infrastructure

Luke Hunnewell is responsible for overseeing the hardware and instrumentation side of WeatherSTEM.

He oversees field operations to ensure all WeatherSTEM units are fully operational and transmitting accurate, reliable data to our web, mobile, and social media platform.

Luke has over 20 years experience managing large scale electronics hardware integration and automation.

Luke can be reached at

Raegan Boyd
Director of Business Operations

Raegan Boyd is helping drive WeatherSTEM's success in multiple industries including education, health/safety, athletics, and agriculture.

Raegan holds a BS degree in Actuarial Science from Florida State University. She is instrumental in helping WeatherSTEM tailor service plans that provide our customers the maximum product and services at the lowest cost.

Raegan can be reached at

Melissa Griffin
Curriculum Innovator

Melissa Griffin serves as a Curriculum Innovator, and assists in the development of the weather and climate focused curriculum for the WeatherSTEM platform.

She has a degree in meteorology from Florida State University and has published multiple peer-reviewed research papers on climate impacts on the Southeastern United States.

Melissa can be reached at