Weatherstem Team

Ed Mansouri, CEO and Founder

Ed Mansouri is the architect behind Weatherstem.

Ed's mission for Weatherstem is to build an extraordinary weather information platform that ties together health and safety, athletics, and education.

Ed earned Bachelors degrees in both Meteorology and Engineering from Penn State University and a Masters degree in Meteorology from Florida State University.

Prior to launching Weatherstem in 2015, Ed ran Ucompass, a successful e-learning software company where he authored many successful software titles including the Educator Learning Management System as well as a patented content management platform called Octane.

With Ed at the helm, Ucompass generated over $50M US in sales and served over 4 million students.

As CEO and Founder of Weatherstem, Ed has blended his passion for weather with his experience as a technology innovator.

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Ed discusses Weatherstem's Stadium Weather Network

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Ed appears in Weather Channel video showcasing NC State collaboration

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Luke Hunnewell
Vice President, Infrastructure

Luke Hunnewell is responsible for overseeing the hardware and instrumentation side of Weatherstem.

He oversees field operations to ensure all Weatherstem units are fully operational and transmitting accurate, reliable data to our web, mobile, and social media platform.

Luke has over 20 years experience managing large scale electronics hardware integration and automation.

Luke can be reached at

Raegan Boyd
Vice President, Business

Raegan Boyd is helping drive Weatherstem's success in multiple industries including education, health/safety, athletics, and agriculture.

Raegan holds a BS degree in Actuarial Science from Florida State University. She is instrumental in helping Weatherstem tailor service plans that provide our customers the maximum product and services at the lowest cost.

Raegan can be reached at

Jake Tobin
Director of Mobile Development

Jake Tobin is Weatherstem's resident interaction designer/developer, crafting the experiences and interfaces for the Weatherstem mobile application.

Jake is self-taught in all aspects of digital media, with close to a decade of experience in front end development, print, and digital design.

Jake can be reached at

Timothy Dotson
Field Operations Leader

Timothy is one of Weatherstem’s talented field technicians, focusing on maintaining and servicing the Weatherstem Systems.

Timothy comes from a heavy engineering and technology background, and also has a passion for design and working with his hands. Using these skills, he helps design, install, and manage sites across the country.

Timothy can be reached at

Craig Ramsden
Director of Business Development

Craig leads Weatherstem's business development and sales efforts and is helping us expand our initiatives across the US and beyond.

Craig comes from a strong sales and customer relations background and is passionate about and excels in post sale customer support and satisfaction.

Craig can be reached at

Will Oberschlake
Account Manager

Will Oberschlake is heading up efforts to bring Weatherstem to each of Georgia's 159 counties in a project we call PeachSTEM.

Will has a strong background in law enforcement combined with a passion for weather to help customers put Weatherstem to work as a powerful safety tool.

Will can be reached at

Matt Price
Field Technician

Matt helps support and maintain our extensive network of Weatherstem units that is rapidly expanding across the US and beyond.

Matt has an extensive amount of audio/video technology installation and support experience.

Matt can be reached at

Tori Hunnewell
Lead Industrial Artist

Tori is responsible for making our Weatherstem units come to life with color and vibrancy.

Tori operates Honeydo Studios of Tallahassee, Florida and has a Bachelors degree in Studio Arts from Florida State University.