A Revolutionary New Type of Product

from Weatherstem represents the inception of the Mesonet Management Platform. A mesonet is a network of weather stations deployed across a geographic domain.

With , you can create a virtual mesonet in minutes through the platform's mobile friendly user interface and analyze past, current, and forecast weather conditions with myriad user-friendly tools.

Physical hardware including cameras, sensors, and audible/visual alerts can then be attached to any of your mesonet's stations.

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Weather Affects Your Health in More Ways Than You Can Imagine!
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Release Timeline

Date(s) Milestone
February 29, 2024 Announced!
March 1, 2024 to November 1, 2024Accepting Applications to be a Pilot Partner
November 15, 2024 Pilot Partner Launch
January 15, 2025Full Product Launch: is Live!

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K-12 Schools
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Golf Courses
Police/Emergency Stations
Fire Stations
Home Owners Associations (HOAs)
Data Centers
Distribution Centers
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