Protect from Weatherstem represents an innovative blend of hardware, software, and services and is the State of the Art in real-time weather monitoring. Nowhere else will you find such an affordable "Weather As A Service" solution designed to protect you, your stakeholders, and your assets.

Weatherstem Protect will quickly become an indispensable part of your asset protection infrastructure.

Protect can optionally be solar-powered and cellular, so it won't stop protecting just because the power and/or Internet is down. It is also rated to withstand Category 5 Hurricane Force winds when installed by our team of installation technicians.


Get notified whenever dangerous lightning is too close for comfort. Learn more


Current and forecast Wet Bulb Globe Temperature alerts to protect from excessive heat. Learn more


Real-time and forecast radar to track storms in real time. See example


Audible horn heard for miles when dangerous conditions arise including lightning


Easily mine weather data for forensic investigations or business analysis. See example


Don't just tell your stakeholders the weather, SHOW them! See example

Weatherstem Protect is perfect for...

K-12 Schools
Grocery Stores
Office Buildings
Golf Courses
Police/Emergency Stations
Fire Stations
Home Owners Associations (HOAs)
Data Centers
Distribution Centers
Race Tracks

The Standard Protect Package

Customized weather station
Benefit: The station makes measurements of wind speed/direction, solar/UV radiation, precipitation accumulation and intensity, temperature, pressure, and humidity. See a gallery of some of our finer works on Instagram.
High resolution weather camera
Benefit: Don't just tell your stakeholders the weather, SHOW them! Our standard package comes with a single high resolution cloud camera but you can add as many as you want to your package.
Installation and configuration
Benefit: Leave all the details of installation to us. We come to your site and handle all aspects of the installation including any equipment that may be needed.
Access to the Weatherstem Practical Lightning Assistant
Benefit: Monitor real-time lightning activity and configure notifications when it gets too close for comfort.
Access to Weatherstem Dashboard
Benefit: Access real-time and forecast radar and satellite imagery to track the storms.
Access to Weatherstem Notify
Benefit: Get notified when severe weather alerts are issued or when your Weatherstem instruments measure conditions at, above, or below user-defined thresholds. Also trigger alerts based on forecast conditions.
Custom Weatherstem website
Benefit: Each system broadcasts to its own website open to the public like this one at the St George Island Bridge in Franklin County, Florida.
Auto-updated Facebook/Twitter pages
Benefit: Augment the channels you use to get critical weather information out. Each system broadcasts to its own personalized Facebook and Twitter page. Here is an example of a Facebook page and Twitter page.
Mobile App
Benefit: Your system will have a landing page on the free Weatherstem mobile app for iOS and Android.
Professional Development and Training
Benefit: We'll train all your stakeholders so they are poised to get the maximum ROI from Protect.
Ongoing support, maintenance, and training
Benefit: We repair or replace anything that's broken and provide training to you and your team on demand to help make sure you are getting the most from Protect.
Access to Weatherstem Monthly Protect Webinar
Professional development session led by Meteorologist and Weatherstem founder Ed Mansouri
Add-on Options
Benefit: Audible horn that can blast when dangerous conditions arrive, including lightning.
Solar power
Benefit: There is no risk of downtime from power outages as Protect Solar is powered entirely by the sun.
Cellular connectivity
Benefit: There is no risk of downtime from Internet outages as Protect Cellular connects to the Internet via a Sierra Wireless device that is part of the package.
Additional probes
Benefit: We can add additional probes to measure road conditions, interior conditions, and just about anything else that may be useful to measure as part of your asset protection scheme.
Benefit: We can help you integrate Protect into your other asset protection infrastructure.

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