Cloud Types
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Cloud Types

What is Cloud2?

Since WeatherSTEM was started, we have gathered over 2 billion images and that total increases by about 25 images per second!.

Cloud2 is a database WeatherSTEM is building to associate these images with specific cloud types (i.e. cumulus, stratus, etc.).

Why Cloud2?

With a big enough database associating cloud imagery with cloud classifications, it will help us develop AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Language) based algorithms to help in auto detection of various weather phenomena.

This can aid researchers studying everything from tornado development to climate change.

What's up with the name cloud "squared"?

Just a little Weather Geek humor.

WeatherSTEM is a "cloud-based" platform meaning everyone accessing it is connecting to a remote computer network on the Internet.

So our library of over 2 billion images, many of which depict clouds, can be thought of as a "cloud" of "clouds", or a "cloud cloud".

In algebra, if you take two terms, like (a) (a), that becomes a * a, or a2.

So, Cloud2!

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