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Our Partners

Weather stations at WeatherSTEM host sites are manufactured by Davis Instruments.

Earth Networks manages lightning detection equipment all over the world and data from these systems enables us to show you, in real-time, where lightning is occurring.

Vivotek manufactures the cameras we use at WeatherSTEM host sites that capture beautiful sunrises/sunsets and create Sky Movies each day.

The Weather Company (now part of IBM) provides WeatherSTEM with weather forecasts as well as radar and satellite imagery.

All WeatherSTEM host sites automatically serve data on Weather Underground in addition to the WeatherSTEM web, mobile, and social media platform.

WeatherSTEM can be hosted virtually anywhere even where there's no power or Internet, thanks to our partnership with Verizon.

Our partnership with Twilio enables data from WeatherSTEM host sites to be available via telephone calls and text messaging.

Gracenote provides data to make television programming schedules (including The Weather Channel) available within the WeatherSTEM web, mobile, and social media platform.

Data from FantasyData is what enables WeatherSTEM to overlay weather data on top of many professional and college sports schedules from across the United States.

White Squirrel Weather is an innovative project born out of the Western Kentucky University and, together with WeatherSTEM, we are building a Weather Intelligence Platform across the State of Kentucky.

Denver-based and industry pioneers Cuttlesoft provide leadership and oversight to WeatherSTEM in our mobile application development efforts for iOS and Android devices.

SunsetWx generates forecasts to help us pinpoint where and when the most colorful beginnings and endings of the day will be across the United States.