Our Partners

Weather stations at WeatherSTEM host sites are manufactured by Davis Instruments.

Vaisala is the trusted leader in lightning detection data and enables WeatherSTEM to advise its clients of approaching or imminent dangerous lightning.

Vivotek manufactures the cameras we use at WeatherSTEM host sites that capture beautiful sunrises/sunsets and create Sky Movies each day.

The Weather Company (now part of IBM) provides WeatherSTEM with weather forecasts as well as radar and satellite imagery.

WeatherSTEM is pleased to provide FOX Weather with images and videos from our entire network on demand for use in their broadcasts.

WeatherSTEM can be hosted virtually anywhere even where there's no power or Internet, thanks to our partnership with Verizon.

Our partnership with Twilio enables data from WeatherSTEM host sites to be available via telephone calls and text messaging.

Monarch Weather provides climate modeling services and has collaborated with WeatherSTEM to create an innovative product, Climate 360°.

Data from FantasyData is what enables WeatherSTEM to overlay weather data on top of many professional and college sports schedules from across the United States.