A New Era in Weather Risk Communications

A new day has dawned. Powered by Weatherstem's revolutionary new platform, lets you color your world based on past, present, or future weather conditions easily and with minimal technology.

Individual or groups of lights can be set to different colors based on an unlimited number of past, present and forecast weather conditions leveraging the power of Weatherstem .

Watch the short video clip below to get an understanding of how the revolutionary Guidance features of combine with its amazing IoT (Internet Of Things) capabilities to open up incredible possibilities for colorful, illuminated communications.

How does Work?

Permanent Features

We can convert your existing indoor or outdoor lighting to .

Need your lights to turn red when dangerous lightning is nearby as depicted in the example below? That is just one of millions of scenarios possible with .

Contact us today to discuss a custom lighting implementation for your organization!

The BrightStick

BrightStick is a portable battery powered device with a light bulb that connects to your phone or a WiFi network and the bulb is easily configured to turn on and any color imaginable based on proximity to lightning, heat conditions, and NWS severe weather alerts.

The light can be configured to blink, pulse, and you can manually control it.

Your BrightStick can be stuck in the ground, attached to a pole, or placed on a stand. When you're done with it, put it in its protective case and throw it in the trunk and drive off to your next venue.

BrightStick will be on sale at our website in the near future. Check back for updates or contact us today with any questions.

Take a look at some of the screen shots below to get an idea of how easy BrightStick is to use. Click on an image to get a better view.

is perfect for...

K-12 Schools
Grocery Stores
Office Buildings
Golf Courses
Police/Emergency Stations
Fire Stations
Home Owners Associations (HOAs)
Data Centers
Distribution Centers
Race Tracks
TV Stations
Amusement Parks
Radio Stations
Military Sites