The WeatherSTEM Package

An Introduction

WeatherSTEM is an initiative of, Inc. Launched in March 2014, its mission is the development of interactive K-12 STEM curriculum with a heavy focus on the atmospheric sciences and agriculture / gardening. The curriculum experiences and activities are powered by live data derived from school-based scientific instruments and sensors.

The WeatherSTEM Unit

The WeatherSTEM Unit is a full-service weather station that measures everything from wind speed to soil moisture to solar radiation. Our package includes a custom installation of the station at your school, farm, and/or garden. There's a whole host of sensors, and with the help of our system the data is parsed to provide information and metrics like the following:

  • Anemometer
  • Barometer Tendency
  • Dewpoint
  • Heat Index
  • Hygrometer
  • Rain Gauge
  • Rain Rate
  • Solar Radiation Sensor
  • Soil Moisture and Temperature Probes
  • Thermometer
  • UV Radiation Sensor
  • Wet Bulb Globe Temperature
  • Wind Chill
  • Wind Vane
a weatherstem station

Personalize Your WeatherSTEM Unit

Add some fun and school spirit to your WeatherSTEM Unit by having us paint it with your colors and logos!

The Platform

Once we install a WeatherSTEM Unit at your school, it automatically becomes a part of the WeatherSTEM network, giving it it's own station page. There you'll find all of the data from your station's sensors, as well as 10 day forecasts, information about the closest lightning strikes, live streaming video from your sky cam, and so much more.

Lightning Tracking
Data Mining

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Our Science, Math, and Meteorology curriculum is professionally developed and standards aligned, for a whole range of ages and grade levels. Our lessons utilize live data from your weather station to populate interactive learning activities, demonstrative data charts, and more.

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