If you have a need to monitor weather at multiple sites across your state simultaneously, you simply NEED MesoSTEM.

Monitor Tropical Activity

Track Lightning


NEWS WORTHY: The State of Florida is implementing a MesoSTEM from Weatherstem to create the Florida Severe Weather Network.

MesoSTEM is the most comprehensive and integrated weather monitoring platform available. You simply have to see it to believe it. Everything weather-related you can think of is at your fingertips via a powerful yet easy-to-use browser-based and mobile interface.

A MesoSTEM is a revolutionary product offering from Weatherstem. It is a statewide distribution of solar-powered, cellular Weatherstem units rated to withstand the most intense weather and winds up to 185 mph.

The units are networked together and publish their information to a web, mobile, and social media platform. This platform is equipped with a myriad of easy to use tools to help the general public understand weather's impacts on their state and its citizens.

MesoSTEMs aggregate data and images from Weatherstem units deployed across a state as well as from our partners in the public and private sector including the National Weather Service and The Weather Company (IBM) to name a couple.

The end result is a truly revolutionary weather dashboard that speaks to the particular state's unique challenges and opportunities.

MesoSTEMs can be deployed in partnership with numerous public and private entities and corporate sponsorships are available.


See where lightning is occurring in real-time and track its progress. Example


Current and forecast Wet Bulb Globe Temperature. Example


Real-time and forecast radar to track storms in real time. Example


Monitor the impacts from tropical systems relative to your assets. Example


Monitor soil moisture and evaporative transpiration across your operations. Example


Monitor weather at multiple sites of interest to you. Example


  • Solar-powered, cellular Weatherstem units rated to withstand Category 5 Hurricane Force Winds
  • Two high resolution weather cameras with live weather video streaming
  • Public facing website, mobile app, social media (Twitter/Facebook)
  • Retrieve weather information by text message and phone call - one dedicated phone number per county
  • Dashboard with integrated radar, satellite, lightning, and severe weather alerts
  • Integrated public education for people of all ages


  • Monitor weather conditions in real-time across your state from anywhere
  • Permanently stores weather data for use in research, forensic analysis, claims, etc
  • Keep an eye on weather's impacts on key areas of infrastructure and public interest
  • Educate your public about the risks of weather - "An educated public is a safer public"
  • Weather monitoring during extended power and/or Internet outages
  • Get the word out to the public via the free web, mobile, and social media interface

Implementation Plan

  • Consult with key resources to determine unit placements
  • Collaborate to identify funding from the public and/or private sector
  • Conduct site visits to plan unit installations
  • Schedule unit installations
  • Installation
  • Promote unit to the public via established media channels

Demo Request!

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