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Industry Focus: Statewide (MesoSTEM)

A mesonet is a network of weather stations distributed across a geographic domain.

MesoSTEMs then, created by WeatherSTEM, are distributions of WeatherSTEM Units across a geographic domain.

Our first MesoSTEM was developed and deployed for the State of Florida and is called the OrangeSTEM and pulls data and images in real-time from our over 225 Florida WeatherSTEM units. The end result is a statewide weather dashboard unlike any other that serves all our industry focus areas in one compact interface (Safety, Athletics, Education, Agriculture, Tourism).

We have others in the works including one for the State of Georgia called the PeachSTEM.

MesoSTEMs aggregate data and images from WeatherSTEM units deployed across a state as well as from our partners in the public and private sector including the National Weather Service, The Weather Company (IBM), EarthNetworks, to name a few.

The end result is a truly revolutionary weather dashboard that speaks to the particular state's unique challenges and opportunities.

The best way to experience a MesoSTEM is to check out our flagship implementation, the Florida OrangeSTEM, at

MesoSTEMs can be deployed in partnership with numerous public and private entities and corporate sponsorships are available.

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