WeatherSTEM Response

March 17, 2020

New Installations

We will be limiting new installations to those that are in direct service to state or municipal Emergency Management entities until further notice and these installations will only take place when there is minimal threat of COVID-19 exposure to our installation technicians.

Support of Existing Installations

Many of our WeatherSTEM installations are in facilities that will be inaccessible due to shutdowns related to COVID-19. We will be unable to access any of these sites to provide routine maintenance and/or repairs until further notice.

Maintenance and repairs to installations that are in direct service to state or municipal Emergency Management entities will continue provided our technicians are able to access the sites with minimal threat of COVID-19 exposure.

Free Access to Weather Education Content

WeatherSTEM has developed a vast amount of educational content and a full-year high school-level meteorology course.

This content is usually restricted to WeatherSTEM's paying customers as well as citizens of the State of Florida.

We are making all of this content free to the public through 2020 and it can be accessed at this link.

Free Access to Weather Monitoring Technology

WeatherSTEM Dashboard is a comprehensive weather monitoring application that offers worldwide high resolution weather monitoring including lightning detection, severe weather alerts, and radar/satellite imagery.

WeatherSTEM Dashboard will be free to the public through 2020.

Information Services

You can call our COVID-19 information hotline at (850) 900-3446 and enter your zip code to get the latest case info for your county.

You can text your zip code to the same phone number to get the info texted to you immediately.

You can also e-mail your zip code as the subject of an e-mail message to to get the information e-mailed back to you immediately.