About Our Company

Our Vision

At the heart of WeatherSTEM is the belief that an educated public is a safer public. With this in mind, we have created a highly localized and data-driven platform that meets the needs of education, public health & safety, agriculture, and more.

We believe weather provides an excellent foundation for STEM education. It also provides myriad opportunities for exposing students to topics from a plethora of disciplines in the scope of a single activity. Any weather situation, from the most benign scenario where a few cumulus humilus clouds dot the sky to the most intense Category 5 hurricane, can turn into a discussion covering everything from algebra to zoology.

We also believe that the tools with which we learn can also help keep us safe. WeatherSTEM provides an extensive suite of public safety features including lightning alerts, severe weather alerts, wet bulb globe temperature forecasts, environmental cameras, agricultural monitoring, and more.

Our Founder

Edward Mansouri is the founder and CEO of WeatherSTEM. This continues his passion for finding ways to innovate education through technology. Ed has previously founded Ucompass Educator, the learning management system that has powered the teaching and learning of almost three million users.

Ed originally created the WeatherSTEM platform to infuse K-12 STEM curriculum with live data. Believing that an educated public is a safer public, he quickly incorporated the use of lightning detection and corresponding alert notifications at all WeatherSTEM installations.

Ed Mansouri graduated from Penn State University with a major course of study in both engineering and meteorology. He successfully completed his Master's degree in meteorology at Florida State University. Ed looks forward to the upcoming pursuit of his PhD at Florida State with a focus on the realm of predictive lightning.

Contact us to schedule a demo and learn how to get WeatherSTEM for your school or district at: info@weatherstem.com