Curriculum + Instruments + Data

The WeatherSTEM package is a weather station at your school, a community centered Weather network, a professionally developed, growing collection of STEM curriculum, and so much more.

Teach with Live Data

Engage your students with the changing world that is all around us using data collected by your school's WeatherSTEM station right outside of the classroom.


Take a look at the question below. The question has been created from live data from a WeatherSTEM station.

At in , these were the average temperature and dewpoint readings during the last hours:

During which hour was the relative humidity the HIGHEST?

WeatherSTEM's Meteorology Course

Developed over a year in collaboration with educators and scientists, our course integrates real time weather data from our state-wide WeatherSTEM network with STEM-based instructional materials to form a comprehensive introduction to Meteorology and Climate science for High School level students.

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WeatherSTEM Curriculum

WeatherSTEM also makes available its continually growing base of custom Weather, Science, Technology, and Mathematics curriculum that is standards aligned and populated with live and past data from your station.Browse through some of our lessons below, or check out our curriculum library.

Simple Access across all Platforms

Imagine a system that texts you each morning recommending what you should wear - Or a system that advises not only your school, but members of your community of the days weather, and warns you of approaching severe weather on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

These are just a few of the things that are easily accomplished with WeatherSTEM.

Phone calls (inbound & outbound)
Call +1 for an example.

Text Messages (inbound & outbound)
Send a text message to +1 with the phrase for an example

Email (inbound & outbound)
Send an e-mail message to for an example

AOL IM (inbound & outbound)
Send the phrase to the AOL screen name for an example.

Twitter Updates Have your station automatically tweet educational and informative messages about dangerous and interesting weather events. Check out for an example.

Facebook Updates Have your station automatically post educational and informative messages about dangerous and interesting weather events and sky videos. for an example.

Sky Movie YouTube Uploads After each days sky movie is compiled, the WeatherSTEM platform uploads them to YouTube, automatically! Check out our huge repository of Sky Movies!

Also be sure to check out the new WeatherSTEM App

Built for iOS and Android, our app delivers in-depth live weather conditions and a forecast based on your current location, while also providing access to conditions and forecasts at every WeatherSTEM unit in our network. Browse units, pick a default unit, or find the closest unit to view information about lightning, live images of the sky, and ten-day hourly forecasts. Check it out in the App Store

Something missing from this list? Try our API

When you make a WeatherSTEM account we give you a free API key to programmatically access all of the data in our network, past, present, and future, from your weather station or any other, allowing you to build custom components for the web! View the documentation.

The API is easy to use, and can be utilized by beginning and expert programmers alike.

Try it Out

See examples below for displaying the current reading at

  type: "POST",
  url: "//", // the school's domain address, followed by /api
  data: JSON.stringify({ api_key : "### your API key ###", stations : [""] }), // your api key, shown in the api docs once you've created an account
  dataType: "json",
  success: function(responseData, textStatus, jqXHR) {
    if (responseData.error) {
      return alert('An error was encountered: ' + responseData.error);
    for (var i = 0; i < responseData[0].record.readings.length; i++) {
      if (responseData[0].record.readings[i].sensor == "") {
        $('html').append('The at reads' + responseData[0].record.readings[i].value + responseData[0].record.readings[i].unit_symbol;)
  error: function(responseData, textStatus, errorThrown) {
    alert(responseData + ':' + errorThrown);

Make Weather and Learning Fun

For us, building the WeatherSTEM platform is a very creative effort, and the result is sometimes just plain fun! Here's just a few features we've developed.

Social Sky

Social Sky is a way of images of interesting weather phenomenon, from right where you are. Take a picture of the clouds and upload it to the cloud! Others can tag, comment, and share your photo.

Forecast Contest

Every day we hold a contest to see who can most closely guess the temperature and rainfall on the coming day. We announce the winners for the previous day early each morning on the WeatherSTEM Facebook Page as well as the WeatherSTEM Twitter.

Football Almanac

For Universities, we have a massive database of all past game records and the weather during those games available for you to explore! Check out our football weather almanac here.

TV Listings

Curious about current Meteorology and Science television programming in you area? We've got a comprehensive set of localized listings to serve as a guide to current and upcoming educational shows. Check it out here.

Personalized WeatherSTEM Units

Add some fun and school spirit to your WeatherSTEM Unit by having us paint it with your colors and logos!

Have Our Platform Work for You!

Our Weather sensor components are not configured as is! The station can be assembled and installed to meet many applications. Underwater camera for your school's pond? Multiple cameras to capture different scenes around the station? Want to track soil temperature in the tomato garden, or the humidity in your greenhouse? All easily accomplished with the WeatherSTEM package! Check out some examples to see how others have set up:

Customizable and Affordable

You'll be surprised how little it costs to get a customized WeatherSTEM Unit.

Complete WeatherSTEM unit systems complete with full-service weather stations, cloud cameras, agricultural probes and sensors, and interactive weather education portals start as low as $2,500.

There are also many Grant Programs available that can help schools offset the costs of a WeatherSTEM Unit. Contact us today and find out how we can help.