The WeatherSTEM Alert Platform: Intelligence for Location-based Safety

WeatherSTEM provides a highly customizable alert platform that responds to a wide variety of current and forecasted conditions. Keep your location safe with alerts for nearby lightning, dangerous heat conditions, freeze forecasts, or any other sensor-related events. Personalized notifications can be sent in many forms including mobile push notifications, text messages, emails, social media posts, and even phone calls.

How WeatherSTEM Helps Keep Schools Safe

This feature, produced by The Weather Channel and Jim Cantore, tells the story of how a high school football team in Tallahassee, FL, has found a secret forecasting weapon that gives them a competitive edge.

An Overview of the WeatherSTEM Mobile App

In addition to a weather station and web application, WeatherSTEM has a dynamic mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Among its many features, you can monitor multiple units and create customized alerts.

The WeatherSTEM Application: Data & Environmental Literacy

WeatherSTEM integrates a variety of atmospheric and agricultural data into an application that promotes both data and environmental literacy. A location page provides a view of current and forecasted conditions. Tools are accessible for data mining and scientific research. A growing library of K-12 lessons are aligned to standards and readily available.

Domain Page

A dynamic map of all units in a particular domain with a live weather radar overlay

Location Page

A local weather portal for a particular unit, including a variety of weather-related features

Data-integrated Videos

An interactive view of the previous day’s weather, combining selected data charts with a sky video

WeatherSTEM ZapMap™

A live map view of all lightning activity in the Americas, with access to historic data

Data Access

A data research tool providing access to all recorded measurements for each unit

Data-integrated Lesson Library

A growing library of over 100 standards-aligned lessons using live data from stations

The WeatherSTEM Unit: Scientific Instruments & Sensors

WeatherSTEM uses a flexible suite of atmospheric and agricultural sensors that can be highly customized to fit your needs. Additionally, the WeatherSTEM team offers installation services and configures your new equipment on your network. Readings from the instruments are posted every minute and are both stored in your WeatherSTEM database and used by the WeatherSTEM Alert Platform to keep you safe.

Weather Station

The heart of the WeatherSTEM unit is the weather station. This solar-powered unit can be custom-branded to match your organization and installed at a wide variety of locations. The station measures weather conditions every minute, including:

  • Solar and UV Radiation
  • Rain Rate and Rainfall
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Wet Bulb Globe Temperature
  • And More!

Agricultural Sensors

Choose from a variety of agricultural probes for your landscaping, farm, greenhouse, or garden. Listed below are a few of the probes available for your installation:

  • Soil Moisture & Temperature
  • Greenhouse Temperature
  • Greenhouse Humidity
  • Water Temperature
  • Leaf Wetness
  • Growing Degree Days
  • Livestock Breathing Rate
  • And More!

Environmental Camera

Choose the views most important to meet your needs. Aim your camera at the sky overhead, on a growing field, or even underwater. The networked WeatherSTEM environmental camera will post a photo every minute. At the end of each day, these images are converted into a time-lapse movie on YouTube. Check out a few video samples:

Social Media Integration

Each site has its own Facebook and Twitter page, and the WeatherSTEM system is programmed to post updates to these pages based on your preferences. Your customized safety alerts, your daily morning forecasts, and your daily evening weather summaries can all be posted. With WeatherSTEM you are equipped to engage your community and notify them of potential dangers or just share weather information.