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Smart Weather Technology

Put Weather to Work for Your Organization

Get WeatherSTEM and keep your stakeholders
safe, educated, and engaged

Lightning Detection

WeatherSTEM's Practical Lightning Assistant pinpoints lightning strikes as they happen across North America

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Innovative Heat Monitoring

Introducing Wet Bulb Globe Temperature alerts and forecasts, far more effective than Heat Index

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WeatherSTEM will not only alert you of a dangerous weather situation, it will educate you and your stakeholders about it - "An Educated Public is a Safer Public"

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WeatherSTEM's API makes it easy to integrate with just about every third-party platform you can think of including Facebook and Twitter

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Benefits of Getting WeatherSTEM

Customized Weather Station

Delight your customers and visitors with a weather station custom-painted with your colors/logos

Generate Income

Offer businesses the opportunity to promote themselves on your WeatherSTEM website, app, and social media pages

Your own WeatherSTEM Website

Broadcast current conditions, forecasts, and serve weather info on your very own WeatherSTEM website

Social Media Presence

Your weather station will have its very own Facebook and Twitter pages that are auto-updated - it's tons of fun and can augment your existing social media efforts

WeatherSTEM Mobile App

Your weather station will have its own landing page in the hugely popular WeatherSTEM mobile app


WeatherSTEM can push out notifications when lightning is nearby or you can easily configure an alert based on temperature, wind, rainfall, and much more

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature

WeatherSTEM sites track the most effective metric for assessing extreme heat

Practical Lightning Assistant

Draw shapes on a map and get notified when lightning occurs within those shapes

Radar and Satellite

Updated in close to real-time with futurecast capabilities


Every datapoint and image a WeatherSTEM system collects is permanently archived and easily viewable

Monitor the Tropics

WeatherSTEM shows you the latest tropical weather information relative to YOUR location

Awesome Animations

Every night WeatherSTEM cloud cameras create a time-lapse movie of the previous day. They're addicting!